The CDS Lab consists of computational scientists with different expertises and background (computer science, mathematics, physics, biology). The lab is based in Trieste, but some members are physically located across other institutes and, in that case, co-supervised with other PIs.
2021 Lab retreat. Passo del Pura, Ampezzo.(Riccardo, Salvatore, Alice, Giulio, Nicola)

Principal Investigator

Giulio Caravagna
- 2020-ongoing, Tenure track researcher. Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, University of Trieste.- 2020-ongoing, Core Faculty, PhD program in Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, University of Trieste.- 2020-ongoing, Adjoint Faculty, PhD program in Theoretical and Scientific Data Science, SISSA.- 2020-ongoing, Honorary fellow, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK.- 2017-20, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK. Laboratory of Cancer Evolutionary Genomics and Modelling (PI Andrea Sottoriva).- 2015-17, University of Edinburgh, UK. Laboratory. of Machine Learning for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (PI Guido Sanguinetti).- 2011-15, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy. Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (PI Giancarlo Mauri, Marco Antoniotti). - 2011, PhD in Computer Science (University of Pisa).- 2008, BSc, MSc in Computer Science (University of Pisa).
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Postdoctoral scientists

Riccardo Bergamin
- BSc, MSc in Physics (University of Padova);- PhD in Theoretical Physics (SISSA).
Topic: mathematical modelling and inference for evolutionary processes.

Nicola Calonaci
- BSc, MSc in Physics (University of Pisa);- PhD in Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems (SISSA).
Topic: Artificial Intelligence for clonal evolution under therapy.

PhD students

Alice Antonello

- BSc in Biotechnology (University of Turin);- MSc in Quantitative and Computational Biology (University of Trento)- PhD Student in Applied Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, University of Trieste.
Topic: computational modelling of biological processes.

Salvatore Milite Co-mentored with Andrea Sottoriva (Human Technopole).
- BSc in Genetics (University of Padova);- MSc in Data Science and Scientific Computing (University of Trieste)- PhD Student in Computational Biology, European School of Molecular Medicine, Milan.
Topic: statistical methods for longitudinal single cell sequencing.

Lucrezia Patruno Co-mentored with Marco Antoniotti and Alex Graudenzi (Milan-Bicocca)
- BSc in Computer Science (University of Milan-Bicocca);- MSc in Computer Science (University of Milan-Bicocca);- PhD student in Informatics, Milan-Bicocca.
Topic: multi-omics single-cell data integration.

Master and Bachelor students

Azad Sadr

Program: MSc Data Science and Scientific Computing.Topic (MSc thesis): mutational signatures deconvolution.