Lab preprints

This list is poorly updated; refer to either Google Scholar or BiorXiv for more updated pre-prints.

Fresh from our oven

  • Integrated quality control of allele-specific copy numbers, mutations and tumour purity from cancer whole genome sequencing assays. Jacob Househam, Riccardo Bergamin, Salvatore Milite, Nicola Calonaci, Alice Antonello, Marc J Williams, William C.H. Cross, Giulio Caravagna.

  • A Bayesian method to cluster single-cell RNA sequencing data using Copy Number Alterations. Salvatore Milite, Riccardo Bergamin, Lucrezia Patruno, Nicola Calonaci and Giulio Caravagna.

  • Clinical application of tumour in normal contamination assessment from whole genome sequencing. Jonathan Mitchell, Jack Bartram, Susan Walker, Jane Chalker, Magdalena Zarowiecki, Salvatore Milite, Genomics England Research Consortium, Alona Sosinsky, Giulio Caravagna.

Fresh from other ovens

  • Mutation Rate Evolution Drives Immune Escape In Mismatch Repair-Deficient Cancer. Hamzeh Kayhanian et al.

  • Pan-cancer landscape of AID-related mutations, composite mutations and its potential role in the ICI response. Isaias Hernández Verdin et al.

  • dN/dS dynamics quantify tumour immunogenicity and predict response to immunotherapy. Luis Zapata et al.

  • Phenotypic plasticity and genetic control in colorectal cancer evolution. Jacob Househam et al.

  • Assessment of the evolutionary consequence of putative driver mutations in colorectal cancer with spatial multiomic data. Timon Heide et al.

  • The co-evolution of the genome and epigenome in colorectal cancer. Timon Heide et al.

Selected papers (possibly outdated)