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Scientific presentations

Computational modelling of cancer sequencing data

 ICTP-ICTS Winter School on Quantitative Systems Biology, 2022.

A PhD-level course on how to use computational modelling approaches to describe tumour evolution from sequencing data. 

The lectures are split into 3 parts.

Reconciling intra-tumour heterogeneity from whole-genome sequencing with computational methods

P-care workshop, 2022.

A short introduction for biologists who want to use computational methods to extract evolutionary dynamics from high-quality bulk sequencing data.

2022 Laboratory showereel

A brief presentation of the research activities going on in the laboratory in 2022.

Measuring evolutionary dynamics from high-quality sequencing data

SISSA Cancer Data Science Seminar, 2021.

A short introduction for data scientists who want to use computational methods to extract evolutionary dynamics from high-quality bulk and single-cell cancer sequencing data.


We are increasingly involved in outreach initiatives in schools, science festivals and online round tables. Our presentations often focus on computational methods and their application to life sciences.

Machine Learning models to understand tumour evolution from next-generation sequencing data

AIRCampus lecture (in italian) at the University of Cagliari, 2023.

Lecture for the students of the BSc program in Applied Informatics and Data Analytics.

Applicazioni Scientifiche dell'Intelligenza Artificiale

AI2S AI Talks (in italian), 2022.

A general presentation on the application of Artificial Intelligence to the Life Sciences.

Artificial Intelligence and biological systems: a short podcast

Internet podcast, 2022.

A 15' podcast discussing how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising our understanding of biological systems (with Enrico Schlitzer, science communication specialist).