Postdoctoral positions. None available at the moment.

PhD students. We are involved and can mentor students enrolled in the following PhD programs:

Please do get in touch with the lab PI to discuss your PhD interests before you apply for the program.

MSc and BSc thesis project. As a Lab, we are always interested in supervising motivated Bachelor and Master students that need to complete their training in any of the AI and Data Science programs offered in the wider Trieste area. Please do get in touch to discuss your potential thesis topic.

Example topics of interest to the Lab, which could be used to develop thesis projects or PhD thesis:

  • Probabilistic models for cancer bulk whole-genome sequencing;

  • Probabilistic models for single-cell multi-omics data integration;

  • Probabilistic models for single-cell spatial transcriptomics;

  • Large-scale analysis of cancer molecular datasets;

  • Your idea!