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Postdoctoral scientists 

Full-time positions often associated with a research project. 

This figure usually has a PhD and research experience, as well as strong experience either in biological data analysis or machine learning. This type of posts are advertised in this page (above), but we can also host applicants for Marie Curie Actions or AIRC fellowships. For this last option you should get in touch to discuss your research project.


PhD students (yearly applications)

Full-time studentship positions in Trieste.

We can host and co-supervise PhD students with a fellowship in Trieste, or through an external fellowship (e.g., sponsored by another research centre or a hospital). We are affililiated with these programs.

Please do get in touch to discuss your interests before you apply for any of the following programs.


Master thesis projects, internships and bachelor projects (anytime)

Final projects for students.

We are used to supervise both Master and Bachelor students from the MSc and BSc programs in Trieste, including those in data science and artificial intelligence, as well as statistics and others. We also hosted students from other universities. According to the level of commitment and interest the project will be a good opportunity to experience the working life in a research group. A project with us often consists in developing a Machine Learning model, and requires you to work together with other lab members, with the final aim of developing a research paper, if possible. 

Example past MSc theses in Data Science

Do get in touch to discuss your potential thesis topic, and feel free to propose your ideas.