Funded research projects

(MFAG 2021, 5 years) Characterising genotype and phenotype clonal evolution of response to therapy with Artificial Intelligence

In this AIRC-funded MFAG project we seek to use Artificial Intelligence to study clonal evolution under therapy, integrating longitudinal bulk and single-cell data of haematological cancers.


  • Luca Vago (Immunogenetics, Leukemia Genomics and Immunobiology at HSR);

  • Valter Gattei (Clinical and Experimental Onco-hematology at CRO);

  • Giovanni Tonon (Centre for Omics Sciences at HSR).

Other collaborators:

  • Andrea Sottoriva and Nicola Valeri, The Institute of Cancer Research, London;

  • Trevor Graham and Benjamin Werner, Barts Cancer Institute, London;

  • Luca Magnani, Imperial College, London;

  • Guido Sanguinetti, SISSA, Trieste;

  • Alex Graudenzi, Daniele Ramazzotti and Marco Antoniotti, University of Milan-Bicocca, Milan;

  • Alona Sosinsky, Genomics England, London.